SabioAdvantec has expertise in a variety of engineering disciplines, and decades of experience spanning basic research and commercial R&D in industries such as aerospace, oil and gas exploration, biotechnology, and Information Technology. We have learned over the years that the solution to a research or development challenge in one industry may often be realized by the adaptation of an existing solution from another industry, or by examination of the issue from the "point-of-view" of another industry or discipline. It is this breath of expertise and experience that we bring into service to produce solutions to our client's challenges.


John comes from a background  at NASA (The National Aeronautics & Space Administration of the United States) in experimental physics and engineering. His career has been dedicated to advanced research and technology development. He brings to the team his more than 40 years of experience in commercial R&D, education, biomedical research, and medical device development.

Jacqueline E.


Vice President

‚Äčand Co-Founder

About SabioAdvantec!

Jacqueline comes from a background in law, business administration and business development. She is an experienced entrepreneur and brings her more than 20 years of experience in business startup and operations  to the team.


John C.

Cheeseborough III


and Co-Founder